We’re a storytelling company, telling the story of why your clients should be working with you. Stands to reason, it needs to be a real page turner.

Simplifying the Complex is about making sure your audience sees the value you see without complexities.

Most people (and companies) enjoy talking about themselves more than most people (or clients) they’re talking to enjoy hearing them talk. This isn’t a judgment call, with an unspoken urge to talk about yourself less. After all, you (and your business) are hopefully legitimately engaging conversation topics.  But, in the course of cocktail party conversation and/or marketing one’s self, sometimes the key to engagement gets lost: relating to your listener. Providing a framework for them to relate, to figure out where you fit into their narrative. To give damn.

That’s where we come in.

What you do no doubt involves many complex, important details that differentiate you from competitors. But just like watching a magician perform card tricks or a tightrope walker traverse the expanse between highrises, the key to engaging your audience hinges on a few tried-and-tested considerations.

  • Make it look effortless, no matter how difficult it actually is.
  • Show them something they’ve never seen before.

Medium Agnostic is about not getting caught up in the traditions of a particular medium.

When the members of the Mutant Media team got into the Marketing and Advertising field in the mid 90’s, convincing established businesses that they needed a presence on the internet was an uphill challenge. But by the time we quit our day jobs and founded Mutant Media in 2001, having a website was no longer an option for any business: from multinational manufacturing companies to local cake decorators, everyone understood the importance of being on the web.

And anyone that’s been awake for the past decade and a half has seen it progress from there. Ecommerce, for conducting transaction online. Rich Media, for delivering better tools and more and more immersive content Social Media, for growing and fostering customer relationships. Digital distribution, for cutting costs (and landfill content). In twenty short years, Marketing has transformed from a primarily paper-based communications medium to one that, in the case of many startups, see no cost benefit in promotions you can actually touch (unless you count touchscreens).

Throughout this transformation, Mutant Media has served our clients by treating the message as the priority, and the medium as an opportunity to do something spectacular. It’s right there in our name: Mutant Media is about cross-breeding different strains of media in order to produce stronger offspring more suited to their environment.

Our Team is a unique group of creative, passionate and creative visionaries.

Eric Singleton

Creative Director / Narrative

Eric keeps our client stories at the forefront of our campaigns and ensures seemless process from inception to launch.

Rich Silivanch

Creative Director / Brand / GUI

Rich keeps the visual side of our client's brands innovative, engaging and effectively connecting business messaging with customers wants and needs.

Dan Kinsley

Technical / Web Dev

Dan's technical expertise ensures our clients online presence is engaging, exciting and uninterrupted.

Gwen Charles


Gwen's Fine Arts background brings a fresh eye to our Photography and Videography pursuits.

Bruce Porter

SEO - Social Media

Bruce helps customers find and connect with our clients through social media, SEO and strategic digital marketing campaigns and tools.

Porl Gordon

Audio & Video Effects

Porl enhances our video output with a magic bag of post-production skills including audio, video and 3D animation.

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